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Our Wedding Album


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When Our parents met ...

Nervous as we were, we still enjoyed every bit of it.

It was December 24th 2000. The Venue was Ashraya Apartments House No:307..KVs residence.KVs parents, sister & brother-in-law ,uncles and cousin had come from Ponnur. The aupicious time was in the afternoon. Deepa's parents,brother and aunt came around 10:30. It was a very nice get together. The formal introductions went fine. And the sojji bajji was served....

Then KVs mom gave me a saree and put kumkum on my forehead. And then was Ashirvadham by elders.

All the women having a smile

Some snaps of the get together.

KVs parents blessing us

Snap of Amma and Appa giving blessings.

Deepas Parents

It was nice get together.